Our Story

What does it mean to be Green?

as we have journeyed through our lives we have grown to learn the benefits of fuelling our bodies with what is good.

Modern food trends have come a long way, it is interesting to find ourselves turning full circle embracing ancient plant-based foods.
Old adages of healthy fare being tasteless or boresome are a relic of the past.

A well thought out diet can provide immense health benefits and great feelings of wellbeing. This food, in the hands of a talented chef, transcends outdated perceptions and ignites all the senses.

Our Chef Mel Pursell is that individual. Her passion is evident in her tireless research and thorough education in plant-based foods.

Mel has cultivated our interest in countless surprising and wonderful ingredients in carefully balanced combinations.

We can’t wait for you to join our journey of health, fitness and happiness.

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